Cultural difference doesn’t matter when two people have the same beating heart.

Kristian and Tomomi come from two different worlds. They live in the same country and yet they grew up separated by culture. But they eventually crossed paths and found themselves a home in each other’s hearts. When it was time to be joined as one, it was like witnessing two worlds collide and cultures blending into one.

Kristian is an Australian who has won the heart of Tomomi, the Japanese beauty. They speak different languages and come from entirely different backgrounds. In a glance, you can see they are worlds apart. With the language barrier, you’d think that they would have a problem, but they actually don’t. They communicate with each other just as couples in love should be, they sort out issues accordingly and they make the necessary adjustments. Here is where I learned, commitment beats all the odds.

When you’re committed to loving someone for the rest of your life, no matter how apart your worlds are, you will go that distance.

Kristian knows just how beautiful his bride is. But what he doesn’t know that it’s his presence that made Tomomi so comfortable to capture on video. He’s always paying attention to her and he treats her like his porcelain doll. Which It’s no wonder how Tomomi can be so head-over-heels with this man who loves her so selflessly.

They tied the knot and had their Melbourne wedding at a private wedding ceremony at Butleigh Wootton. It was just as beautiful as their love for each other. Tomomi has her family back in Japan who would not have been able to share their wedding day with them. So they planned this private wedding with the intent of taking their wedding video back home with them to share with her family.

As wedding videographers we feel special to witness such beautiful love stories. Watch and fall witness to their wedding video – the beauty of unity.

Special thanks to the creatives who made their wedding day extra special!

Wedding Dress | Bridal Gown | Wedding Jewellery by Di Kelli Bridal
Wedding Hair & Make-up by Miss Aimmey
Wedding Ceremony Venue at Butleigh Wootton

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