Believing in love can sometimes be a difficult path to follow. A lot of people will go through some sort of heartbreak on their journey of love. For some people they may have their heart broken more than once. To withstand this type of pain and suffering can become quite discouraging.

Manouri and Dinusha are a fun loving couple that have the utmost faith in each other and their love. Before they had reached this point in their love story, they probably would have never anticipated that love could empower them so much. And yet they haven’t reached the apex of their love, hence the reason they continue to embark on their magical ride of love.

The way that this charming couple look at each other is truly a joy to witness. In the presence of one another the essence of their love radiates. Rather than succumbing to fear of heartbreak, Manouri and Dinusha embrace those feelings as it’s a part of growth and adventures that they share together.

It seems like Manouri and Dinusha have found the perfect formula to sustain an everlasting love. The both of them are so caring and kind. What makes their relationship so special is their undying desire to think of the other first and they are acutely aware that their life partner always considers them first. For that, they will continue on their wonderful endeavour of love together, forever.

For those who are looking for something love inspiring or if you want to watch something that will make your day or even witness what the power of love is capable of please watch the Same Day Edit of Manouri and Dinusha.

Wedding Videographer / Wedding Videography: Grandeur Films
Photographer: Shevan J Photography
Reception: Crown Casino

Music licensed by The Music Bed.

Grandeur Films – International, award-winning wedding video filmmakers based in Melbourne, AustraliaWedding videographers specialising in love stories and Same Day Edit videos.

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