Over the years and experiences filming a myriad of weddings we have gained some unforgettable exposure to an array of wonderful couples, their love stories, family, friends and the traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation. Throughout our time we have captured a variety of Hindu based weddings too. Saathvi and Luxshan’s Same Day Edit happened to be one of those.

Being a part of Saathvi and Luxshan’s wedding was such a wonderful experience. It was filled with lots of fun and family traditions that provided us with some delightful insight into the people that Saathvi and Luxshan have become as well as those who have helped shaped who they are.

The amount of traditions involved in their wedding is a pure indication of the fundamental values that make a beautiful marriage. There is a ton of respect shown to one another, to those around them and some games from time to time to lighten up the mood.

It was truly a joy to be a part of Saathvi and Luxshan’s wedding. Saathvi constantly graced us with her radiating smile and warm personality. Luxshan is a very polite gentlemen who treats everyone with respect. During their wedding Luxshan also revealed to us his comedic value and his famous radio voice. The both of them are down to earth, easy going and pleasure to be around. Their bridal party were non-stop fun and afforded us with an abundant amount of laughs throughout the day.

The love of Saathvi and Luxshan is something to behold. Their amazing personalities have led them to a love that is fortified by trust, a deep understanding of one another and virtuous values that are embedded in them due to their respective upbringings. Saathvi and Luxshan, we are forever grateful for allowing us to capture your Same Day Edit. We have no doubt in our minds and hearts that the both of you will have an everlasting love for eternity.

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Wedding Videographer / Wedding Videography: Grandeur Films
Photographer: Shevan J Photography
Reception: Leonda

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