In a perfect summer day, Hien walked around her suite at the Intercontinental Hotel. She moved quietly throughout the room, passing out gifts with a light smile and thanking her bridesmaids for being there with her, in the moment.

There seems to be a collective response when Hien walks into a room, and it reveals itself as a smile and happy sigh. She makes people at ease and the glow of her effervescent personality lights a room even after after she’s departed. Her wedding day arrived in full glory, after spending a year planning for a beautiful day to celebrate with friends and family.

The sky was blue, the breeze swirled into the suite, and her dress shined from a corner in the room. Everything was perfect–beyond perfect–but it wasn’t exactly complete. At the corner of the room, there was a frame containing a photo of her mother and grandmother.  Her mother passed away when she was young, but in the midst of loss, they know that even without her presence at her wedding, they were creating happy memories, knowing a piece of her mom remained in her heart.

On a gorgeously sunny day in Adelaide, Hien and Simon married at the local church surrounded by stunning views of the painted windows, roman columns, and religious sculptures. Their love, much like the oversized sculptures, was displayed for all to see and admire.

Together they welcomed friends and family to their destination wedding. They hosted a night that reflected the deepest parts of their love. They promised each other a lifetime of smiles, happy sighs, and endless hours of dancing to life’s beautiful music. Together.

Hien & Simon, you are magical. There are no other ways around it. Your love is like the moon, keeping those around you happily in your orbit. You are magnetic and make people around you want to get even closer. Thank you for the honour of documenting your first day as husband and wife.


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