Weddings tend to bring out the best in people. They are almost always filled with lots of fun, laughter, tears and of course love. Visna and Varun’s wedding extravaganza was all of that and so much more.

When we first met the adorable couple we knew that they were made for one another. Visna and Varun have such amazing chemistry and there is no doubt their love is one that will last a lifetime. The interactions between them is something to behold. Now and again Visna will tease Varun about something he does or his at times quirky behaviour and the both of them will kind of giggle it off because they both know it’s true. What we witnessed is two people who can truly be themselves around one another, which reveals what their future looks like as people and as lovers.

Across several days of wedding events we had a great opportunity to see why their love is so remarkable. Their respective upbringings have helped nurture who they have become as people as well as the influence of their friends. One of the key elements of this spectacular wedding was sacrifice. We saw so many people from all their loved ones make sacrifices to attend and participate to make Visna and Varun’s wedding as special as possible. Visna and Varun are eternally grateful for all the help, efforts and sacrifices people made time and time again. And they showed their gratitude with an extraordinary wedding filled with tons of customs, games, dancing and love.

Visna and Varun are humble people who are extremely appreciative of all those who have been a part of their lives. They don’t take any moments for granted and every time they see each other there is sparkle in their eyes.

After being a part of their wedding it’s quite obvious to us why so many people thoroughly enjoyed contributed to the events. The love between them makes all our hearts dance in joy and it will continue to live on for the rest of time.

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