How do you tell a story with so much to say, so many characters involved and multiple narratives to expose?

Like most stories, we start at the beginning.

A proposal.

Chris was in the middle of devising a plan to propose to Lisa.

It involved their closest friends and family – and cameras!

What Lisa didn’t know were the people hiding behind closed doors, operating cameras, recording every bit of the drama that unfolded.

The feel was voyeuristic but the raw emotion that was captured is unparalleled.

Fast forward 2 years later…

A wedding, a beautiful reception, and one of the most heartfelt words you’ll ever hear.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her when she walked down the aisle towards him. He wore a look of astonishment seeing his bride smile at him – He was then brought back to the very first time he laid eyes on her. He knew then what he knows now – She is special, and she was someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

As their friends and family gathered around them, Lisa and Chris promised to stay true and hold hands as they age, memorizing the grooves and crevices on each finger. As husband and wife, they promised forever and a day in their vows and sealed their commitment with a kiss.

The rest of the evening was spent popping, clinking, and cheering to what may have been the happiest couple in the world at that exact moment. The earth paused on its axis, with just enough time for Lisa and Chris to realise that their day was nothing short of perfection.

Enjoy their Same Day Edit Video as much as we loved weaving their beautiful love story.

Lisa and Chris, thank you for being two of the most amazing people. We are thrilled to have been a part of your perfect wedding day. We appreciate your thoughtful care and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both!

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