I believe in the sanctity of marriage.

The sanctity of marriage are words often expressed but occasionally incomprehensible in meaning. In essence it implies marriage to be sacred, pure, and undeniably a special union between two people. For Patricia and Surath, their faith in God ultimately underlined their confidence in the sanctity of marriage.

A faith undoubtedly etched deep within their hearts, proven with their act of abstinence and patiently waiting for their first kiss. A kiss shared at their holy matrimony, in view of beloved friends, family and loved ones. An act rarely heard of, in this day in age. Moments we often take for granted; yet seldom held in faith of one another. For us it was a depiction of true love portrayed at its greatest characterisation.

There was an undeniable excitement permeating from Patricia, the day for her and Surath had finally arrived and with that a sense of relief. Not a relief of completion, but rather a beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Her radiant smile and bubbly personality heartened everyone and everything. It is to no surprise that she brings out the best in Surath, which definitely reflected in every frame of their wedding.

Surath was calm and collected throughout the entire day, with no sense of nerves. His love and endearment for Patricia was unquestionable and it was evident their faith in religion imparted their faith in each other.

Patricia and Surath, you surround yourselves with faith, kindness, care and the current of energy that filled your wedding day was enthused with unadulterated love. Thank you for allowing us to be your wedding videographers.

We were so honoured in capturing each and every heartfelt moment of your special day. We witnessed a love like no other and believe it will stand the test of time.

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Music covered by Patricia and Surath’s beloved friend.

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