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I am often touched by the amazing stories from couples, however none have ever given me the tingles

I am often touched by the amazing stories from couples, however none have ever given me the tingles down my spine as much as this film. One that fairy tales are carved and scripted from. TRUE LOVE at its ultimate glory. We have always been inspired by Jason Magbanua’s work, and this film to me has been his greatest by far.

It has been a viral hit ever since he screened the highlights, and has acclaimed a massive following. The highlights video has had over 100k shares, likes, comments and has been blogged numerous amounts of times. For a wedding video, it is amazing what Jason has achieved. He calls it his buzz marketing, but we find it much more than that. It’s simply what we aspire to be.

To quote him.

This wedding is not special because Elo has dwarfism.

It isn’t special because they had the most uniquely beautiful setup at the reception.

It was beautiful and special because, stripped down to its essence, this was about true love.
Frikkin’  TRUE LOVE.   Now that’s heavy.  I don’t even bandy that word around too much here.  But it truly was.

Taken out of context – “I will never grow tired of scratching your back” – may be perceived as shallow and a tad bit comical.  But the gravity of these words took the collective breath out of the people in the church.  Including mine.

That was the one punch, here was the knockout  –

“I promise to be the arms that you need to reach for the stars.”

I don’t cry at weddings.  Goddamnit!

But yesterday I did.

Wedding videography at its finest.  What we love most about this story is the love that the couple share. How deeply in love they are, and how they inspire others to hope and to believe, just like in the fairy tales. This is what inspires us everyday as wedding videographers, and we hope that it has touched many as well.

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