So for a couple of months now, the notion of having unplugged weddings has been a trending topic among my peers in the wedding industry. It certainly has been a topic that has been well discussed, and on the most part in the point of view of a photographer. While I am not adamant on enforcing couples to consider having unplugged weddings, it is however an interesting proposal.

To define an ‘Unplugged Wedding‘, it essentially revolves around the couples choice to ensure that all the guests attending their ceremony or reception, to dispose of any digital distractions, and to ultimately enjoy the moment in time. These include items such as mobile phones, iPad’s, cameras and other digital items. Below are some arguments I have read on the world wide web.

Smartphones at weddings are a blessing and a curse. Guests can use their phones to take photos and videos of your Big Day, capturing moments you might not have seen otherwise. But some guests get a little too tech-happy and start tweeting, Facebooking and Instagramming the hell out of the affair, which can interfere with your professional photos and doesn’t allow guests to actually be present.

The purpose is to allow the hired wedding photographer the chance to capture the wedding as efficiently and perfectly as possible without possibly missing key shots caused by obtrusive guest photographers.

As any wedding photographer knows, one of the most nerve-wracking events is when a guest completely destroys the picture perfect moment you’ve been hired to capture. Whether they stand up in the aisle during the first kiss, take photos with their iPad in front of your camera, or inadvertently cause half the family to look off to the side during posed family portraits, wedding photo bombs can be a real headache.

To me, while these are valid arguments, and as a wedding videographer, I can attest that these events are part of the so called territory, it is in essence in the eye of the beholder. Some have suggested that their guests surrender their devices and turn them off completely, but in reality everyone knows there is always going to be someone in the crowd that will go against that notion. Think about it, when you go out to the cinemas and are asked to switch off your phones, most people will place it on silent mode. So for me it may seem far fetched to ask a guest to turn off their devices entirely.

On the contrary I guess for the bride and groom, it is a question of whether or not you feel it deems necessary. Whether or not you feel it should be the responsibility of your hired professionals to be the sole creatives on your day? I guess the question also has to be asked on whether or not we as professionals are becoming too sensitive about making everything perfect rather than embracing the spontaneity that makes each and every wedding unique.

In my opinion I am on both sides of the pendulum. The picture featured shows a wedding we captured that has been a popular wedding video for our past, present and potential clients, however it also shows a great example of why some may deem an ‘Unplugged Wedding’ as a great option. To me, two scenarios take place, an aisle that has become paparazzi heaven with constant flash, camera shutter clicks, and any other intruding ambient noise, or an aisle showing a packed chapel with most of the couples family and friends enthralled with capturing their own moment at that very special time.

In fact the couple had actually promoted guests to use their mobile phones to capture moments of the day, and upload to their very own network they had set up as part of something special they wanted to share with their guests on the day. Sure sometimes it may affect the look of our creative pieces and can be a nuisance to our final product quality, but I would much rather a notification to guests to be mindful of the professionals at work, than to completely take their right to capture their own piece of the day.

In all honesty, its important to clarify that guests aren’t there to intentionally ruin your photos or videos, they’re more than likely enthralled, excited and caught up in the moment. Regarding wedding videography no matter the choice, we will endeavor to capture your day as best as possible and if you choose to have an ‘Unplugged Wedding’, great. If not, then it is completely normal.

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