I’ve always enjoyed going out on club activities and group outings, learning from some of the leading creatives in a club. I also enjoy the solitude of being out in a beautiful location, absorbing the tranquillity and beauty of a place, trying to capture it as well I can and coming away feeling refreshed. Then over time, the video brings back memories of the events that transpired.

Recently, I attended an event in Melbourne of a well established camera club to drum up support for a friend, and saw this as an opportunity to help-out and do a personal project (That feeling when you ache to just go out and shoot!). It struck me how, being a videographer, there was almost complete indifference to a great opportunity to contribute skills and knowledge to fellow artists, the young generation of photographers – both the aspiring and the established.

I believe being a part of a camera club or photography group is significant. It’s good to have like-minded people to share ideas, inspiration and help. It doesn’t matter where and who you are, if you see someone with a camera, there is a fair chance that he or she will be more than happy to advise and discuss photography and/or videography with you.

Lets face it, the internet has opened up the playing field of the photographer and videographer community and this must be a threat to the old style camera club. Websites like Flickr and Photo.net boast millions of users all sharing their ideas, photographs, videos, films and questions in a generally constructive manner designed to help and inform anyone interested in a particular subject.

Now, I’m not saying that someone at home commenting from afar on a picture or film someone else half way round the world took is the same as attending and being part of a local camera club.

You can’t beat quality face to face interaction, with knowledgeable and helpful local people where the club becomes a part of the local community.

The glory is meeting friendly, helpful and like-minded people face to face because it’s an ideal way to improve and enjoy our love for photography, videography, and the arts, and a good camera club will embrace a variety of genres, skill levels and equipment.

The problem is finding one with friendly, helpful and like-minded people. I know I wouldn’t fit in to a camera club full of guys twice my age, half of whom just want to moan the digital age (*cough* *‘Tarantino’* *cough*) and the other half who are just there for the biscuits and tea.

Would I join a club that’s buzzing and full of keen, creative people enjoying their craft? Hell yes.

And if you’re interested in being a part of our passion-fueled community – come and hang with us!

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