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Nowadays, the art of photography and film are empowered by the art of sharing. We recognise this great

Nowadays, the art of photography and film are empowered by the art of sharing.

We recognise this great opporuntiy for wider connections rather than a mere social phenomenon. It is as normal as waking up in the morning.
It has become an essential part of us; to explore, to create, and to share.

While we have been actively sharing our works on our website – from Melbourne wedding videos, to fashion films, to high-end corporate videos.
We wanted to delve deeper into what makes us who we are. Not only to share what we have done, but how we do it, what makes us do it, and what inspires us.

The stories, the gadgets and the people behind them.

Yes, we are opening our doors for you to explore – who and what makes the stories, when and where the stories are made, and most importantly… why.

From now on, you’ll get to see more of what’s happening behind-the-scenes. You’ll get to know us more. Maybe even invite us for a coffee or two?

So make sure and follow us on our social media platforms to ‘keep in touch’, be up-to-date, and interact with us.


You can now Circle us at Google+
Join our community, maybe even start a video hangout? See and interact with the creative minds behind the cameras.



If you’re not on it yet, well then now’s the time!
We’ve been on Facebook for a few months now and we would love for you to be a part of our Facebook family.



We’ve taken the plunge and created our very own Twitter account!
You can now follow us on Twitter, we’ll follow you back.
Interact and let us know your thoughts, we’ll keep you up to date with what’s happening at the house of Grandeur.



Love Pinterest? We do too!
Ours is fairly new, but we’re definitely in on the exploration for inspiration!
We’ll pin our ideas, inpiration boards and even the cool gadgets we use in our filmmaking. Let’s connect?


If you use any of these social networks please follow us, click on the logos and send us a mention! We would love to hear from you!

We look forward to seeing you there.

We all just want to share, share, share.
And yes… we like, like, like this. 🙂

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