While we have discussed the notion of a Same Day Edit video a few times on our blog, we haven’t really explained why it shouldn’t be an after thought for your Wedding Video. We understand that it is not for every client, whether it be the budget, cost, or preference, for Grandeur Films however, producing Same Day Edit’s (SDE for short) for every wedding video is our ultimate goal. For those of you who don’t know what these entail, essentially it is a fully produced wedding trailer, that is seamlessly put together and edited for screening at the reception venue.

Some may ask why? While it is a stressful product to produce and thereby raising the price of cost, there are many benefits for the ensuing couple and their guests. Your wedding day may go by tremendously quick, and for your guests they may have only a limited scope or insight of your wedding day. The festivities, the details and your own personal touches for the day may come and go, however the Same Day Edit video allows a perfect way of telling the story, while giving the couple and their guests the opportunity to sit front row and become fully immersed in all the emotions.

For some wedding videographers, producing an SDE at a wedding reception may seem the norm, however others may find just shooting a wedding to be an already stressful experience. So to add to the stress producing a polished edit to show a live audience that very same evening, may seem tremendously impossible. Hence why you will see the premium pricing for most studios who have a Same Edit in their package. As I have stated before, in the Philippines, an SDE is de facto. No bride will accept a video without their own Same Day Edit.

While this describes the notion of why it may be more expensive in cost, for Grandeur Films, it is the experience that ultimately defines why a couple would choose to opt for the SDE. Your memories and versions of your wedding day may differ, and by the end of it all you may barely remember a thing. Seeing it all live, unfolding in front of your very own eyes, is an indescribable experience. The buzz and natural euphoria, is one to be amazed by. Often or not, the reactions from not only couples and their guests the day after the wedding, is one that always stays dear to our hearts.

It is in another ball park compared to the wedding highlight you may receive months later. Having your wedding online and ready to share within 24 hours means that you now have the ability to share the experience with friends and family that could not attend your wedding day, yet feel like they were just there. There’s no bigger testimonial, then a live reaction to the video you just edited. Seeing the couple and guests feel the emotions, and wonder how it all came about really personifies what the Same Day Edit experience entails.

The video featured above is an example of what emotions a couple may feel. We have also included the SDE video below. If you have any further questions, or would like to state your opinion, please feel free to comment below.


Same Day Edit – Chaterine & William – God Gave Me You from Grandeur Films on Vimeo.

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