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“We, as humans, are forever on a quest to take a moment in time and record it. To

“We, as humans, are forever on a quest to take a moment in time and record it. To remember it.”

“In this way, Instagram is a tool to remember.
We’ve taken photos and made them beautiful. What do we work on next?
I’d like to introduce… Video for Instagram” – Kevin Systrom (Co-Founder & CEO)

Instagram isn’t just about sharing arty photos anymore.


The new video feature was made available to all iOS and Android Instagram users around the world today as a free update to the existing Instagram app. The basic look of the app is the same, but a small movie icon has been added that takes you into video mode.

The new video feature allows you to take 15 seconds worth of footage, continuous or segmented. Anything shorter than the given timeframe is allowed. Video recording can be done by simply holding the red movie icon during recording and releasing it to stop filming, or to pause if you intend on moving onto your next frame; given that you still have time left on your 15-second limit. You simply hold, then release, change your frame (get creative!) and hold the button again to resume recording – all within the 15 second boundary. Or continuously hold the icon for a 15 second recording.

And another thing, it wouldn’t be an Instagram app without…. yes, you’ve guessed it… FILTERS!


Instagram let’s you choose from a selection of 13 different video filters.
Proudly made by Denver Riddle, our friend, and colour grading extraordinaire at Color Grading Central.

Video filters can be applied on the fly, as the video plays.
Or can be selected after the whole recording.

Cover frames have also been made available. In addition, Instagram has implemented a new stabilisation tech called ‘Cinema’ into the new video feature. A software that intelligently stabilises your shaky hand held video. Goodbye jitters!
Cause’ let’s face it, most of us don’t see the need to purchase real stabilisation gear for our mobile phones. They make us look goofy, and it adds weight, which completely defeats the purpose of having a sexy phone.

So lets recap: Instagram now has a video feature. It’s on iOS and Android, on day one. It shoots 15 second videos (anything shorter than the given timeframe is fine, as long as it doesn’t exceed 15 seconds), with 13 custom filters, and cover frames that you choose. And it has Cinema, Instagram’s new stabilization tech.

And of course, as Instagram has been acquired by Facebook (You know, that thing you spend most of your time on? You stalker you.) The videos you take on your Instagram app can be posted NATIVELY on your Facebook Timeline.
YES! Take that Vine! If you have no idea what ‘Vine’ is, it’s simply a 6-second video taking app that Instagram just crushed.. today. Vine is at the bar right now drinking with MySpace.

And the most concerning question you might have? Well, the guys at techcrunch had you covered.

Q: Are you going to be taking clips from people’s stuff and using it for Instagram’s… purposes?

A: No. no no no. Something we want to make clear, very clear: photos and videos, they’re yours. We have no plans to use your photos or videos in any kind of ads.

We’re convinced. With the number of ‘no’s’ in his answer, how can we not be?

“It’s everything we know and love about Instagram, but it moves,” – Kevin Systrom (Co-Founder & CEO)

We know that making a video is a challenge worth taking on. It says you care enough about what you’re doing to put yourself out there. It’s a small risk with a big reward. And with Instagram’s new feature, video on mobile has never been made easier. You can just knock it out with a couple friends on a Saturday afternoon, or spend time crafting your personal 15 second film. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be you.

A video is by far the best way to get a feel for the emotions, motivations, and character.

Tell the world who you are. Tell a story.

Cherish what are some of the last moments of ’now’ and treasure it for the years to come.


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