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The best wedding videographer by stoptheplanetandletmeoff So if you watched the video above, then you may be thinking

The best wedding videographer by stoptheplanetandletmeoff

So if you watched the video above, then you may be thinking what’s going on? It’s actually quite a hilarious look back in time at what an outrageous and obtrusive wedding video can be. Of course, if your wedding videographer or producer is doing this on your wedding day, then you may be in a world of trouble.  So you’re thinking… ‘What’s this post about?’

More often than not, weddings rank on top of the most-memorable-time-of-my-life list of each and every couple. Hence it’s more than likely that couples will search for avenues wherein they can remember those treasured moments. Traditionally, photographs were the primary option to preserve these moments (and still are), and more often than not video would take a back seat in the consideration. With the advent in technology and DSLR cameras, wedding videos and film making in general has taken a great leap forward. The production quality alone can be astounding, and there are so many amazing studios in the world, that each year a new bar is set in the quality of films.

There are many names tossed around in the wedding video world, and to differentiate between a videographer, cinematographer or film maker can be quite a debate. While we don’t mind to be called any of the above, the one true meaning for us is to tell stories through moving images. So what has that got to do with choosing Grandeur Films? Wells for a long time, wedding photographers, have always been high up in the supply chain, and to this day photographers are still the primary option. Now I won’t go into the debate of why choose photos over video, as I feel both equally have their place. But it is not far fetched to say that video is gaining momentum in Australia.

In the Philippines, a wedding video takes precedence to photography, and no wedding day can be complete with out a Same Day Edit. Brides will change their wedding date, just to book in their choice of Wedding Producer. I find this amazing, and the culture alone is one I hope to aspire to. It is no secret that costs in Australia, far outweigh the costs in the Philippines, and I think the most probable excuse for couples to opt out of video is always regarding their budget. Which is fine, I always tell couples, stick to your budget, as every wedding and couple is different, and it’s your day so don’t let anyone force you to change it.

However in saying that, if you really wanted that particular photographer, videographer or vendor, then there’s no harm in changing your budget accordingly. I still remember when I first got engaged; a wedding video had never even crossed my mind, and it was fair to say my portrayal of wedding video producers weren’t too far from the characters shown in the video above. It actually wasn’t until my future wife introduced me to quality films from some of the top studios in the world, that I first became completely amazed, and inherently inspired me to pursue a career in the wedding video industry.

Honestly, hiring someone to capture your day through video or photographs, is not a necessity, but for some it may be. I always tell friends, family or potential clients, to do their research, and list the work that they really love. I would much rather a client who loved and appreciated the creativity and passion that is shown in our work, than to have a client who chose us because we are cheap or just for the sake of video. For my own wedding, both my wife and I chose studios that we really loved for both video and photography, and it instilled in me a passion for the art. I have a lot of respect for my peers, and most if not all inspire me everyday to push myself to be better.

It doesn’t help that there is a such a wide variety of pricing packages in the industry and what may seem “expensive” to one person may not be to another. As cliché as it sounds, you get what you pay for, and just like every day life the most expensive doesn’t always equate to the best, it thereby relies on your own responsibility in choice. At the end of the day, it is your own unique wedding day, and you will have an amazing day, even if you don’t choose to have photography or video. If you’re still on the fence please refer to these links for further reading.

One of the biggest regrets I hear from brides is that they didn’t hire a wedding videographer. Sure sure, I’m biased, but take a look at this article, “Not Hiring a Wedding Videographer is a Bride’s Biggest Regret” or this one, “…Big Mistake. Big. HUGE.”

How did I move in my dress? How did I sound saying my vows? What words did I actually say? … Yep, my main regret is not having any moving footage of my day. – Becky (Rock My Wedding)

The fact is, it’s next to impossible for you to remember all of the little details, and even some of the big ones that happened that day. In talking with a potential client the other week, I asked them, “Why is having a wedding film important to you?” His answer made total sense and it was pretty refreshing to know that what we do clicks with our fans. He said that after watching our films, he felt as though he knew these people.

Watching them was an experience, it was immersive.

In saying that though, we are always humbled by the feedback we receive from our couples, and find joy that they are amazed with our work. In pursuit of perfection, through all the tough times, what we rely on the most to push ourselves everyday is the kind words from our clients. Hopefully, the love and passion we strive for reflects in the work we produce.

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