In keeping with our commitment to stay true to our vision and to continue shooting in a style that is our own, we shot this behind-the-scenes fashion shoot for Nektaria Management in a way we’ve always wanted to see a behind-the-scenes fashion video.

Between clicks of the camera and the furious snapping of pictures, moving from hanger to model and back again, we focused on capturing the raw intensity of the shoot and focused on the presence of our special guests.

See, we were in the presence of the Mark “Russian” Jamar – an all Australian AFL player together with his STUNNING wife Dulce, who so effortlessly graced the studio set with her lip-biting, hair-flicking, oh-so-seductive poses.

We can’t even begin to describe how amazing it is to work with them. We were star-struck.

We also collaborated with Natalie Russell as the head photographer and Nektaria Georgys from Nektaria Management as the creative director. It’s the first time we’ve collaborated with Natalie, and we trust her eye completely and just KNOW that our shoots are going to rock because of her amazing talent – in conjuction with Nektaria’s impeccable sense of direction and taste. They’re just amazing.

We’re sure that you’re dying to see the stars, and the fashion at the shoot. Grandeur Films shows you what went down and brings you the exclusive behind-the-scenes video!

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