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Why A Well Planned Schedule Will Benefit Your Wedding Day – Wedding Video Melbourne

Initially the general consensus with a cleverly constructed wedding day schedule/itinerary, results in ensuring that your wedding day

Initially the general consensus with a cleverly constructed wedding day schedule/itinerary, results in ensuring that your wedding day will run as smoothly as possible. In reality though not all the items in your itinerary will run to a tee. However having a well thought out schedule will definitely benefit all parties involved on your special day, as it leaves a foundation or order of events to your unique day.

I still reminisce organising my wedding and our wedding photographer suggested that we try to construct a schedule. Having been involved in weddings prior, I already knew of the importance in having every minute detail listed. Even if it were not to make sense, it may help all the parties involved in preparing for the day or provide useful information such as contact numbers of each and every vendor or even emergency contacts.

As a wedding videographer, it is of utmost importance for us as a studio to receive as much details in your itinerary as possible. Your wedding photographer will also benefit from having such an item. Even if it is brief, having a timeline of your day is better than having none. While each and every wedding is unique, the information within a schedule helps us prepare not only for your wedding day but also provides an initial storyboard to capture all the unique moments and craft the story in the wedding video. Sometimes we don’t even meet the couple until the wedding day, so it is essential to be aware of all the details of the day, especially all the moments clients want captured.

It’s also a must have if we are asked to produce Same Day Edits, as coming to a wedding blindly will affect our quality of product. Like anything out of the realm of comfort, if you have never constructed a schedule of the day it can be initially confusing. It must be noted however that schedules are only a guideline, and not religion.

While crawling the Internet you may find an abundance of help regarding constructing a schedule of a wedding day. In particular for Grandeur Films we ask that every detail is added to the timeline. These can range from flower & bouquet arrivals, ceremony set up times, set up times of any other important items, location shoots, reception set up as well as anything the client wants captured.

If you have a wedding planner then this may be already covered and produced by your planner, if not its also worth noting that including all the details of your vendors as well as contact numbers is greatly beneficial, as you never know who might need it. Regarding location shoots, it is suggested to limit to no more than 2-3 locations and allowing an hour for each and every location. This essentially gives ample time for the photographer as well as the videographer to capture the moments they need to make an amazing product.

If the entire day is looking to be overwhelming, we also suggest to clients to nominate a trusted person that is not in the bridal party to delegate and make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible. This of course is negated if you already have a wedding planner. A classic example of well planned schedule, was constructed by one of our recent clients Kim & Sebastian. Honestly they meticulously included each and every detail of the day, thereby allowing us to capture the details within a limited amount of time. If I broke down the balloon shots sequence by sequence it was basically shot from 3 different people at different time intervals, and is a great example of how we used a clients schedule to pick out a detail and include it in their story. The video is included below for reference.

I have also listed below what you may include in your schedule. Please feel free to use this as a guide, and if you have found this information useful, please do not hesitate to engage with us via our social networks, commenting system, or Contact page.


Bride & Groom

Wedding Party –

Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids, Best Man, Groomsman’s, Flower Girl’s Parents, Ring Bearer’s Parents

Parents –

Mother & Father of the Bride, Mother & Father of the Groom

Vendors –

Church Venue, Cake Supplier, Florist, Celebrant, Bridal Cake Coordinator, Photographers, Car Hire, Videographers, Reception Venue

Addresses and Map locations of all the important venues such as Church, location shoots and Reception Venue.

Wedding Video Melbourne – Kim & Sebastian – A Thousand Years More from Grandeur Films on Vimeo.

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