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Every moment shared between Ly & Marby, felt like they were destined to be together for an eternity. Their wedding was nothing short of breathtaking and immersed in spectacular beauty. Two culturally diverse families, brought together through love.

Ly and Marby are by far one of the most endearing, cozy and charming couples we have ever had the privilege of filming.

They both share a heartwarming bond that cannot simply go unnoticed.

An intimate celebration with close family and friends, Marby watched as Ly walked down the aisle. He smiled, composed himself, and breathed. This was the moment. Their moment to forever dance in the rain.

As the hearts of their friends and families fluttered, tears ever flowing, you could not help but take in the romantic atmosphere.

See how Ly & Marby made it all happen. Enjoy the video we made especially for them and feel the love they both share.

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Wedding Ceremony/Reception: White Night Receptions

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