Wedding time is normally considered a time of grand celebration, expenses and people. It is undeniably a couple’s personal decision either to have a grand celebration or a simple private affair with family and close friends. Your bonding, rituals and feelings are going to be the same with or without countless people. And it’s not everyday we can say that the wedding’s ceremony was held at the backyard. Well, Chris and Finah’s was.

They got the luck of the draw when it came to their wedding day: a bright blue sky, colourful foliage, and pretty sunlight streaming everywhere. It was a perfect backdrop to the warm and loving festivities.

Quiet elegance and effortless sophistication seem to have filled their day. If anything, we have found oursleves soaked in pure bliss as we swoon over the reception details and decor. Not only was the bride stunning in her exquisite wedding gown, but every single detail and element in this affair showed tastefulness and refinement. Gorgeous couple, gorgeous wedding, gorgeous everything.

Their wedding was an outpouring of family love and commitment, including the promise of building their lives intertwined by way of dedication. The attention and love they gave to their friends and family from afar knew no bounds; It was a celebration for all. And as a whole, all they are is giving.

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