Today marks the day that we were little 13 year olds starting our amazing journey. We have grown and changed so much together but through it all you have always remained my rock, my protector, my dreams-to-reality-makerer, my weird habits companion and my truest love. Now 12 years later, we are officially celebrating our last year together as girlfriend and boyfriend. To the man who gives me unconditional and unwavering love, nothing could make me happier to finally be your wifey.
Happy 12th year anniversary, the one I want beside me for the rest of forever. I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d rather annoy! I love you. – Rachel

It’s not often you come across something that you would truly describe as spectacular. Theirs is a love story 12 years in the making.

As the month of love is in full swing, you can feel all the romantic gestures that everyone’s been doing. Today, let’s experience this magical moment of Rachel and Tuan as they tie the knot. This modern-day wedding has an old-fashioned fairytale touch, with every bit and piece of this rustic-charm affair fitting flawlessly. From the perfect wedding dress, a dash of pastel colors, an enthralling reception set up, to the picturesque cathedral scenery that will definitely make you fall head over heels.

The entire scene is truly cinematic. They were already together for twelve years, they were going to get married in one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the country, they had picture perfect weather and the wedding was nothing but spectacular. The ingredients of a perfect love story. Just like their love story, their day was a beautiful sight to behold.

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