There’s something so charming about looking through old photographs. They possess such a magical display of moments and memories in a way that you just can’t stop looking at them. Some may have been torn and crumpled, others may have faded through time, but the stories behind them remain whole; all as captivating as can be. Lee-ean and Kum displayed a collection of some of their photographs from their cherished moments together in London at their wedding reception. Memories strung-up to collectively form a story of their journey and how this all came to be.

Oh by the way, did we mention Lee-ean is a teacher?
We found it very sweet and thoughtful of her to have her students all a part of her day (I mean… ‘their’ day). During their wedding ceremony, they were surrounded by the love and attention of her dear students along with their families and friends. Attentive. Well-behaved. And dare we say, they learned a thing or two on what true love is all about.

Prior to her wedding day, Lee-ean asked her students a question on marriage and love. She had them displayed at every table. Every table had the same question, and every table had different super cute answers!

The question?

“What is marriage?”

And the answers her students came up with are as endearing as can be.

“Marriage is when a girl becomes a wife.” – Heshan, age 6

“Miss Teoh is going to wear a beautiful dress then kiss her boyfriend.”
– Viktor, age 6

“Getting married means a bride and a groom kiss and hug. They go to a special place!” – Rosheen, age 6

And one that melted our hearts…

“Getting married means promising someone you will live together… forever.” – Jaicee, age 6

“While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about.”

Surrounded by their closest friends, family and Lee-ean’s little adorable students, they celebrated a day they’ll never forget. Their wedding was a blend of families, cultures, and memories, resulting in a day of complete perfection.

Kum and Lee-ean, We’re thrilled our paths crossed. We count oursleves lucky to have met such an amazing couple, heightened by the love and respect from family and friends. You’re incredibly kind, thoughtful, and beautiful (inside and out)…your character traits will better those around you and we’re honoured to have documented your wedding day.

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