There are moments when we feel inordinately blessed to do what we love… and now is one such moment.

There’s something enchanting about reminiscing memories, piecing together faded shards of what was once were, and weaving them together to form unforgettable stories. You just can’t help but look back in joy and be captivated once again.

All of us possess a little bit of crazy. But there is just something about finding the one who gets that little quirky side of you. Someone who gets every word you say (and those that you don’t). With all the celebrations that come our way, we somehow get a glimpse of a couple’s love story and their journey towards their wedding.

We are ridiculously happy today! And it seems only fitting that we feel that way because of this modern fairytale that Eng & Jackson has for us. Wrapped in all kinds of D.I.Y. prettiness, Eng and Jackon’s oh-so-sweet affair is overflowing with dainty details and charming crafts. We are going crazy over that ceremony set up by their family & friends – talk about a dainty delight! Another thing we can’t seem to get over are the beautiful dresses. Eng’s wedding gown, her absolutely gorgeous hair and make-up by S.A.S.S.Y Make-up and Hair and the styles and hues of the bridesmaid dresses, along with the floral prints and the powder-blue suits for the guys are totally brilliant and extremely chic!

To top it all off, we got to hear one of the most endearing vows we’ve ever heard.. a poetic line from one of their closest friends, and Megan Watson‘s beautiful words, who wouldn’t get a shiver up their spine? and of course be filled with joy & love.

The best part? All these things are celebrated in romance and commitment. So let’s raise our glasses to the courage to love, the bravery to be creative, and the grace to love eternally.

Beautiful affairs make our heart full. And meeting Eng & Jackson just proved that our love for weaving stories and showcasing beauty has never wavered. We wake up to mornings filled with inspirations on love and creativity. And Eng and Jackson’s wedding surely gave us the biggest smile ever!

Eng and Jackson, our heart melts in gratitude for your kindness and care for us… and it was a joy to document your first day as husband and wife. Thank you for making us feel like treasured guests (with fancy cameras) and treating us like family. We look forward to the day that your future kids get to see these memories… the day you celebrated love, life, laughter and everything else in between.

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Wedding Suppliers Melbourne:
Wedding Videographer / Wedding VideographyGrandeur Films
Wedding Photographer / Wedding Photography: TruPhotography
Wedding Celebrant: Megan Watson
Wedding Make-up Artist: S.A.S.S.Y Make-Up and Hair
Wedding Florist: Flower Jar
Wedding Reception: NGV – National Gallery of Victoria

Music Licensed by The Music Bed.

Grandeur Films – International, award-winning wedding video filmmakers based in Melbourne, AustraliaWedding videographers specialising in love stories and Same Day Edit videos.

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