Getting married wasn’t something he imagined he would do.
It wasn’t part of the plan.

But then, she came along…

The picturesque scenery –  Vi and Christopher’s celebration of love is definitely a barrel full of pretty and you can see it all right here.

You will simply be blown away by the drop-dead elegant details of their wedding. Add an exquisite gown in the mix and we guarantee a jaw-dropping gorgeous wedding love affair.

Not only is this an affair oozing with elegance, it’s also filled with dainty details. We must admit the scene stealer from this lovely wedding is really the stunning bride and her oh-so-charming groom. The venue is simply breathtaking and the attention to detail is ridiculously superb – We think this one of the most detailed weddings we’ve filmed!

Their celebration of love is with such rich hues, totally beautiful elements, and outfits that have a wonderful mix of ethereal and dreamy inspiration. So far one of the most amazingly decorated, and well thought of weddings we’ve set our eyes on.

And that’s what makes us love our job even more. We see the incredible, the beautiful and the best part of it is we get to tell the story of how it all came together, and share it with all of you.

Because we want to give the most beautiful inspirations to our future brides and grooms. Because we want to showcase the amazing talent of our oh-so-wonderful local vendors. Because we just get butterflies in our stomach when we see great ideas come to life.

And it was a great experience to be able to capture these people – familiar with everybody else, enjoying themselves, soaking in the romantic and fun vibe, excited for the wedding, genuinely happy for the couple.

One of the most profoundly moving things as a wedding videographer is the ability to work with the element of true love, then watch a couple on one of the biggest days of their lives. All the emotions, hard work, and chaos inevitably comes together and a perfect day unfolds.

For Vi & Christopher, it was a long time planning. But everything came into fruition.

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The music our lovely couple chose for this piece is from James Sidebottom – Favourite One.  It was used with kind permission.

He is an independent artist so please support and purchase his music through iTunes, MySpace, and his Facebook Page.

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