A great recipe for an even greater wedding is actually quite simple. When you find the one, somehow everything just falls right into place. You are presented with a wedding you won’t ever forget. Shannon and Fred has got it right to perfection.

We could go on and on about the things we love about their wedding. But if you ask us, one thing that stood out the most is their undeniable love for one another. It’s the way his eyes shine upon sight of her. It’s the way she effortlessly smiles and laughs whenever he is beside her. It’s the way they hold each other’s hands, and how they can easily gaze unto forever.

Shannon and Fred made their wedding resonate with the love they have for each other, their relationship, and those around them.

We don’t think there are any words to describe the kind of marriage and true love you see at this wedding – but we suppose that’s why we do what we do best – to tell love stories without using our words, and move you to tears with theirs.

Shannon and Fred, thank you so much for giving us the honour of filming your first day as husband and wife. It was such an amazing experience to have been surrounded by some of the most amazing family and friends. Your love is beautiful, kind, and incredibly thoughtful. Thank you for making us fall more in love with what we do.

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