“Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.”

Just when we think fairytales are for little boys and girls, we get to work on something so magical that we find ourselves believing in fairytales once again.

Childhood sweethearts.

They’re paths intersected as teenagers and as life ushered them into a new journey on a gorgeous day in Melbourne, Jason and Kathy are assured of their love and that they’re meant to be. Forever.

Magical how simple everything began. How simple that two unexpectant people, who were at the right place, at the right time, would suddenly meet. When their paths crossed, they fell into an easy friendship and love blossomed.

It’s in the way he anticipates her moves, the sound of her laughter. If Jason could stand at the bottom of a ravine and catch the echo of her voice, he would. Because he adores every last thing about Kathy. She always becomes the center of a room, regardless of the size. With her petite feet making their way from one thing to another, Kathy draws people to her with one flash of her smile. And the smiles come with greater rapidity when Jason is around. A smile so wide, so bright it illuminated the already bright day.

Imagine the soft breeze, the gentle sound of the wind, the feeling of love and romance…
A wedding showered with dainty details and lavish love; mesmerized us into an enchanted trance. It feels like a modern tale of lovers, with care for each other’s embrace.

They made the aesthetic and vision they were dreaming about come to life. The whole garden feel soirée set up was one that was tasteful, unconventional, and nothing short of magical; a petal pretty fête.

The ethereal head piece, the chic details that were amazingly executed through different ways, the youthful but elegant bouquets, those crazy creative superhero cufflinks, the cute dresses, the enchanted reception setup… We could go on and on and on.

We can’t deny that one of the greatest highlights of their wedding was the style and decor.

The house was filled with such beautiful decor it gave the impression it was made from the careful hands of their loved ones who there resided. The walls, the ceiling, the tables were flourished with paper crafted decors, like the ones we used to make when we were children; a symbol of their love from their childhood years.

We live for moments like these.

We are reminded that the finest of details doesn’t make the magic of a wedding, but the people who celebrate in these moments.

And then there are the details behind the details. Wedding suppliers really pour their hearts out on the finest of details to ensure a successful wedding celebration. This time around, we got to work alongside Kate Robinson of Kate Robinson Photography along with Courtney on this fine day.

Jason and Kathy, we have no words. To adequately sum up everything you are, the beauty of your day, and the fun of your wedding would be impossible, but what we hope is that this wedding video shows your unadulterated love. Thank you for making us feel like part of the family and surrounding us in your amazing care. The world is so much better with you two in it.

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Wedding Suppliers Melbourne:
Wedding Videographer / Wedding VideographyGrandeur Films
Wedding Photographer / Wedding Photography: Kate Robinson Photography and Design
Wedding Florist:
Petra Cremming of Pomp and Splendour
Photo Booth: Jimbo’s Amazing Photo Booth
Wedding Planner/Stylist: The Creative Type

Music Licensed by The Music Bed.

Grandeur Films – International, award-winning wedding video filmmakers based in Melbourne, AustraliaWedding videographers specialising in love stories and Same Day Edit videos.

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