We’re in the most vibrant of moods today thanks to Julie & PK!
We can’t help but feel the youthful electricity in the air! In just a moment, you’ll see that the chemistry between them is of pure love and happiness.

“Love at first sight”, It’s the kind of stuff made for Hollywood and fairytales.
For Julie, there was never such a moment. The first time they met – it was just like any other. There was no ‘magic’ or that heavy heartfelt feeling.

Time passed and their paths intertwined once more, and this time around… it felt right. This time around, the feelings they had for each other mattered. They embraced it with open arms and never let ‘the one’ pass them by.

Come their wedding day, a day filled with pretty colours, wreathes, and big gorgeous smiles. Julie’s wedding dress is of perfection, the colour that dressed the bridemaids is gorgeous, and they are just as adorable and as fun as can be! Put everything together and everything becomes too adorable to ignore.

With beautiful details left and right at their reception, their affair is just oozing with easy elegance and enchanting charm. The couple alone is a picture of bliss and perfection. That plus the breathtaking venue and wonderful decor, their wedding night was such a love-filled affair.

Be crazy, have fun, be young at heart – to be adventurers, and be in love. That’s why we swoon over weddings, every single one has a different way of reflecting the romantic in us. PK and Julie’s wedding has made us smile with delight with the reminder that it is so fun to get married! How it sets the tone of the journey ahead – let’s just say they are kicking it off with a bucket of fun and a load of love.

Happy viewing!

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