The sky was blue, the breeze swirled into the suite, and her dress shined from a corner in the room. Everything was perfect, beyond perfect, but it wasn’t exactly complete, not yet.

Jo glowed as her friends and family surrounded her and Sam had his family right along with him.

The tea ceremony resulted in a fun-filled affair with ridiculously amusing games and daring challenges for Sam and his groomsmen accompanied with an outpouring of silver and gold from both parents. The place was pulsating with love and energy.

You can’t beat the love and adventure of having everyone you love coming together in a beautiful place to share a wedding like this. The night is always young and the day is breathtaking. Jo and Sam documented their love straight from the heart. This is what great memories are made of.

Jo and Sam’s wedding was fused with love. Overnewton Castle was the place that sang the love song of their union. The crisp clear breeze, birds chirping, the rustling of leaves as the wind flows through, and the grass beneath your feet. And if you were to listen to their vows , each word is accentuated with unadulterated love, proving they were meant for each other.

Jo and Sam sang the night away as husband and wife, knowing every friend and family member-both there in the room and there in spirit-felt the gravity of their love. They were complete.

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