A love story written and orchestrated by the One who is ‘love’.

When we marry, we are fully committing ourselves to the person we are committing to love, be encouraged by, and encourage. But as great as this love is, we were created for an even greater love than this. Our GF couple Irma and David are a testimony to the greatest love of all, and we are thrilled to share their story.

We always hear speeches at weddings we attend. Some make us laugh and some make us cry, some even make us cover our faces with embarrassment because of hilarious experiences we’ve shared. At the end of the day, these words add so much to the beauty and meaning of the whole wedding experience and ultimately tell the story of our couple.

Instrumental. We haven’t used that in a while. But we felt that the words that echoed through the chapel necessitated the stripping of any lyrical writing. Words from the heart make the most beautiful music you could ever hear.

We fell in love capturing beautiful moments under the sunset, loving embraces at the winery, and heartfelt vows in the presence of God and family. Happy were the tears and smiles seen all throughout the clip, showing us a window into Irma and David’s friendship and love story. We paid attention to the detail and delighted ourselves over the crafts and bouquets, the shared affection, and the love found. Everything was pure bliss.

We loved working with Naoko & Shelley of Pictures and Hearts Photography to help make Irma and David’s wedding day as beautiful as the love they shared with each other. We are grateful to have worked alongside such great talent and artistry from people who are as lovely as can be.

What Irma and David has in their love story is truly inspiring for all the believers of happily ever after. It was not an easy road for Irma and David, withstanding the years they’ve been apart made them realize that every detail was part of a grander plan, a bigger picture that brought them to face all the passing with love everlasting. And in God’s time they were able to carry on with the journey and accomplish their heart’s desire.. a promise to be true to one another as husband and wife.

At the end of the day, weddings remind us that love is amazing, it is beautiful, it is special.

We’ll let the film speak for itself, as words simply can’t do it justice.
And we openly invite you to view their film and share it with anyone – share the love.

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