So at their wedding day Carly & Jarrod’s two half souls reunited again and became one.

Carly and Jarrod first met at work a few years ago where they developed a good friendship. And over time, they realised that while coming from different backgrounds, they shared mutual values, ethics and aspirations, which brought them even closer. With their friendship as a solid foundation, their relationship quickly developed. The love and affection that they feel for each other is obvious for all to see. They share a sense of humour and have each been influenced by the other to explore new horizons and take on new interests.

Just over a year ago, while planning a trip to visit Carly’s extended family in South Africa, Jarrod decided to propose. He planned a proposal that he hoped Carly would love. He secretly organised a secluded night in an open-air tree-house while on Safari. They arrived at sunset, with a surprise welcome from a pair of black Rhino’s, and Jarrod got down on one knee and asked Carly to marry him. When Carly said yes, Jarrod thought his plans had worked perfectly… until they were woken at 2am by a monsoonal thunderstorm forcing an hour and half emergency rescue.

And that proposal is what has bought us to their wedding day.

Their wedding day celebrates the different backgrounds and traditions that Carly and Jarrod were brought up with, and this in turn reflects the choices that they have made as a couple. They have chosen some ancient Jewish traditions and incorporated them into the ceremony, giving them a modern interpretation.

The wedding ceremony was held within the heart of Fitzroy gardens, Melbourne. It was a spectacular setting made even more amazing with Carly and Jarrod’s amazing friends and family.

Carly and Jarrod have chosen to marry under a chuppah. The open sides of the chuppah symbolises their openness to new ideas and the open and honest relationship that they hope will forever define their marriage. The open sides also indicate that their home will always be open to the friends and family they hold dear.

The wedding day was just perfect, you couldn’t have asked for better weather! It was such a pleasure to filming their wedding, and we made sure everything went perfectly. We also had a great time working with their cool wedding photographer Woodrow Wilson of Woodrow Wilson Photography.

The vows were exchanged, Jarrod broke the glass into pieces and then they kissed, and the party was on! They danced the night away with so many laughs, heart felt toasts,
and memories. We were glad to be there to capture it all.

Mazel Tov!

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