Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

There are people who see beauty in ways others don’t. In crevices, cracks, and broken pieces.
They are the ones who not only sees what’s on the surface, but what’s inside. In between the broken pieces.

On a rainy day in Melbourne, Danny and Angela promised to love, honour, cherish, and push each other to follow their dreams. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, they vowed to walk through life together.

It was a common theme throughout the day: They were meant to be.
And while it could be said of almost any couple on their wedding day, it was different for Danny and Angela. That’s what their friends and family said, insisted, and toasted to. Their belief in their unadulterated love was staggering and their day was filled with support and love.

She always becomes the center of a room, regardless of the size. With her petite feet making their way from one thing to another, Angie draws people to her with one flash of her smile. And the smiles come with greater rapidity when Danny is around.

He, on the other hand nervously touched his cufflinks, adjusted his tie, chatted with his brothers anticipating what the rest of the day will be.

Imagine the breeze, the sound of crashing waves, the feeling of love and romance.

Blessings were poured in the form of rain on a summer’s day in Melbourne. Angela was in high spirits. Ready for the wedding. The sun was peeking through.

The rain halted and the ceremony began.  Not a drop from the sky interrupted the wedding. And the day unfolded as naturally and beautifully as possible.

Their paths were made one, like tears in rain.

They’ve clung to each other during each of life’s storm and have resulted as a stronger couple.  And as life ushered them into a new world on a gorgeous day, Danny and Angela are assured of their love and that they’re meant to be. Forever.

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