Truth be told, we at Grandeur Films are here to fulfill our vision and our dream – to celebrate the beauty of unforgettable moments, stories and love through each affair that comes our way. And although every wedding is a testament of unconditional commitment and unique moments, we can’t help but see how some really do move our hearts. Because we can’t always know the love story behind every beautiful frame, we consider it gold when we discover a story that resonates undeniable passion and unquenchable devotion, that even the medium capturing it is not enough to contain its emotions. And once it’s released, and for this instance – a Same Day Edit video, the effect is inevitable, a bucket of tears and hearts in awe.

We are here to capture moments, moments where when weaved together form the story of your wedding day. The story no one else could have written.

Watch the love story film Amie & Brendan watched on the very same day of their wedding.

We are at a loss for words. Even as we have witnessed and heard Amie & Brendan’s love story and weaved their pre-wedding video prior to the day of their wedding, we still felt butterflies in our stomachs and an overwhelming outpour of joy in our hearts upon seeing it live on screen on the night of their wedding, seamlessly intertwined with the story of their wedding day to produce a same-day-edit video for them and their guests to see. Not because they are two of the most beautiful people we’ve met, or the fact that we have a way of making you feel you are part of the story, or even the undeniable fact that Amie was a breathtaking vision on her wedding day, and how her dapper groom Brendan compliments her in his slick tuxedo, or how stunningly beautiful the bridal party was. Yes, these things played a big part in making their wedding beautiful, very beautiful in fact. But the thing the wows us the most is their love story. A testimony of destiny, love, and romance.

Everything about Amie & Brendan’s wedding was lavish, from the ceremony at St Damian’s Catholic Parish – right through to the amazing reception venue which was held at Park Hyatt Melbourne.

But lavish not only means splendid and grand, it also means generous. And that describes Amie & Brendan perfectly. The attention and love they gave to their friends and family from around the world knew no bounds; It was a celebration for all. And as a whole, all they are is giving.

Both Amie and Brendan made us feel that we are a part of their wedding, part of their family, and pampered us all the way. Every guest and family member was accommodating and we felt like rockstars for a moment, and for that we are eternally grateful.

We also had the pleasure to work with like-minded creative individuals, Leslie Truong of TRUphotography alongside Dawei Ye who not only inspired us all through-out the day, but also made us feel we were in the presence of great artistry.

Wedding Suppliers Melbourne:

Wedding Videographer / Wedding Videography: Grandeur Films
Wedding Photographer / Wedding Photography: TRUphotography
Wedding Make-up Artist: Jenny Pham

Wedding Reception Venue: Park Hyatt Melbourne
Wedding Ceremony Venue: St Damian’s Catholic Parish, Bundoora

Wedding Flowers: First Impression Flowers
Wedding Cake: Cioccolata Bella Cakes
Wedding Function Accessories: Function Accessories
Wedding Photo Booth: Photo Yolo
Wedding MC: Huy Chuong

Special mention to Bao PhamInocensius Valentino for assisting as cinematographers for the day.

Music Licensed by The Music Bed.

Watch their reaction here.

Amie & Brendan’s Same Day Edit Reaction Video from Grandeur Films on Vimeo.

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