I love this new campaign from Dove. A look into how women perceive their own body image, and a great insight on self-esteem. Does this mean men are not susceptible to the same issues? While women are their own worst beauty critics, I’m pretty sure it affects the whole human race and has no gender specifics.

We all have our opinions about our own image. Whether it is physical or emotional, we have always been our own worst critic. Watching this documentary really opened my eyes, and what you see in yourself, is not necessarily what others perceive or portray you to be. It’s amazing how our own inner demons, can influence our mindset.

In fact a stifling statistic is that 4% of women around the world regard themselves as beautiful. What you see in this social experiment from start to finish is a journey of self-worth, but also, we are more beautiful than we think.

I was deeply touched when I saw this on the Morning show, and I told myself I had to at least share it. In a world where body image is propagated amongst our very own eyes in many different media outlets, it’s refreshing to see inspirational projects such as these capturing the true essence of positivity.

I hope that everyone who watches this, reflects a little, and takes a little positive step in their lives. I know I will.


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