They say that people should not trust a man wearing a bowtie because it points to your ears, and a tie should point downward to emphasise the phallus. Is this true? To me a bow tie speaks to me true artistry. Handcrafted beauty with a soft touch of silk or velvet, and for some, requiring a degree to properly tie the bow tie.

In my experience I’ve found that women seem to have a better grasp into learning to tying a bow tie, where as for a man it may take quite a few tries. Does this speak leaps and bounds about the capabilities of a man versus a woman? I don’t think that we would ever reach an agreement on that one, and nor would I want to get into that argument.

Rightly so, some have asked where I have purchased my bow ties. The answer is Le Noeud Papillon based in Sydney. They make high quality crafted bow ties and other gentlemen wear, that should be added to any gentlemen’s collection. They also often have mark downs on their bow ties, so its a good way to get a discount on quality ties.

If you would like to win a limited edition bow tie from them, please visit their facebook site Create a passage of text on bow ties and post it up to the Facebook site to win 3 new limited edition bow ties. It’s a
chance for you to get creative.

If you would like to learn how to tie a bow tie, here is a simple link to an infographic on how to tie a bow tie.

Note that this is not an advertisement for them. I merely want everyone to enjoy bow ties as much as I do, and it will look great at your next event. Have a happy Friday.

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