What can I say, I am loving this camera. Last year, there were rumours of an instagram type camera, but no real evidence was shown that it would be a reality. Well this year they have announced that the camera will arrive around Mid 2013, and the anticipation has made me all kid like again.

The concept is based around the old polaroid instant print type cameras, which has seen a return in COOL the last few years. I own one myself, and have seen many friends fall in love with them as well. The notion that you can instantly print and see your picture, captures your moments instantly and beautifully.

The Socialmatic, however, uses an Android-powered camera that makes its own Instagram prints using an internal printer. The camera is loaded with refillable paper sheets and digital versions of your photos could also be instantly uploaded and shared online, directly from the Wi-Fi-equipped camera. Hold on and give me a minute, while my MIND explodes. Whatttttttttttt?

Instagram has had its turmoil and controversy since it was bought out by Facebook. But lets be honest here, it has basically changed the face of photography and for many, has created a whole new culture. Smartphones have also made it easier to capture moments easily, like when you don’t have a camera around, or if you are like me have a heavy SLR, and sometimes feel too lazy to carry the thing around.

What I also forgot to mention is that it also allows the user to apply photo filters, just like instagram and print it out. The prints also have an adhesive strip on the back, which like the video shows below allows you to stick it anywhere you want. It also has a unique QR code that lets people follow the photographer, by scanning the code.

Simply amazing, well for me it is :). If you would like to learn more head over to http://www.social-matic.com/site/project/ . What do you guys think? Are you as amazed as I am? I am sure some of you are. Regardless of the cost of prints or the camera, I am pretty sure this camera will be a success.


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