Every little girl around the world will grow up dreaming about her wedding day. All the glamorous details from the décor, shimmering jewellery, a dazzling dress, a big shiny rock and the man of her dreams. A wedding dreamed up by a little girl somewhere around the world would not do the Tara and Nate’s wedding justice.

Granting us with a marvellous opportunity to capture their wedding day, Tara and Nate did not disappoint. The beautiful bride delicately put together the wonderfully designed décor herself. From the arch, wedding favours, to the flower wall, the esteemed wedding guests admired in amazement as they all went a little crazy on their phones and cameras.

Behind all the lavish details is an underlying message about the amazing soul of Tara. The countless hours of preparation put into their wedding is a true indication of the attentiveness she shows to her husband as well as her loved ones. As for Nate, he is as calm, cool and collected as they come. Throughout the day he constantly checked up on Tara to see if there was anything she needed, which only comes naturally for a kind-hearted soul such as Nate.

There is no end to the amount of support they have for one another. They’re a fun-loving couple that openly mock each other, which highlights how strong and unique their unbreakable bond is. The nature of Tara and Nate’s relationship is radiating with warmth and love.

Please watch and bask in the ambience of their wedding highlight, one that is gleaming with everlasting love.

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