More often than not when something is complete it means that it has come to an ending point. At work, when a job is completed we move onto the next task. If a glass of water is completely full no more water can be added or it will over flow.

There was a moment during her vows that Jane mentioned that she never felt complete until she found Tin. And although their wedding day has passed, by no means do we feel that there journey has reached the climax. We do however feel that Jane and Tin are overflowing in affection for one another. They inspire each other to bring out the best in the both of them accompanied by brightening smiles that will light up a room, which was evidently apparent amongst the sea of smiles as they were declared husband and wife.

As their wedding was coming to an end we were well aware that our job was almost complete we realised that the amazing couple Jane and Tin are people we will hold dear to our hearts without an expiration date.

They are two harmonising souls that haven’t reached the pinnacle of their love, as they constantly overfill people’s lives with adoration and love. Their Same Day Edit reminds of this as we watch it over and over again.

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