When we met with Kim and Steven, they did not disappoint. If anything, it generated nothing but pure excitement in anticipation of their wedding day. Especially so when they talked about the story of how they met.

Kim was working as an employee at Crown Casino and she noticed a handsome man, out with his friends having a good time. She lured him over to her table by waving Steven over. Steven obliged, made his way over to the table, played his cards right and that was the beginning of the incredible bond of Kim and Steven. When they told us this story, the amazing thing about it all was how they explained it. With bright smiles and expressions of delight, it was clear to us that it wasn’t the first time they’ve told their love story and certainly won’t be the last.

On the day of their tea ceremony we began to get a good grasp of the kind, and generous souls that Kim and Steven are. There were tears of joy, laughter, and they were constantly checking up on us to see if everything was ok. The day of the wedding, Kim was absolutely stunning in her glamorous dress. Steve landed at the Stones of Yarra Valley in style, yet humble to be marrying his true love. Their love was bliss for all those in attendance, for Kim and Steven are justly devoted to one another.

We are forever indebted to Kim and Steven for telling us the beginning of their story and for allowing us to capture a share of it. They are a wonderfully endearing couple and we, along with their loved ones are glad that they took the safe bet by starting their journey of love together.

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