To make a vow to somebody it means that one will earnestly promise to do whatever it takes to uphold the sanctity of the vow that they’ve made to another person. For Jasmin and Kenneth, one of the things they vowed to one another was to be the conscience of the other.

When one’s conscience is troubled, it’s often referred to as having a guilty conscience. We will gladly claim their innocence as Jasmin and Kenneth’s conscience is anything but troubled. If their conscience is guilty of anything, it’s that the both of them love each other unreservedly, through thick and thin, no matter the circumstances.

This wonderful couple deserves all the love that they have for another. With each heart-warming hug, every magical kiss and for the way they with stare deep into each other’s eyes, it is truly an enchanting display of the affection that they share.

The magnitude of Jasmin and Kenneth’s love affair is greater than the tallest of mountains and yet it will continue to grow beyond our reach. It will settle uneasy hearts and summon light where there is darkness, just as stars do during the night.

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