When you’re able to witness how a couple such as Eileen and Rion look into each other’s eyes it is a sight to behold. A sign of true love and the limitless effort they will put forth to hold on to that love. It is no wonder their families and friends travelled all the way to celebrate. Eileen and Rion’s loved ones worked tirelessly to make their momentous occasion a remarkable memory. As was ever so clear during the Cambodian ceremony. There was enough food to feed a family of bears, groomsmen practicing traditional Cambodian dancing, wonderful decorations, outfits, and many other amazing details involved with the Cambodian ceremony. All prepared by Eileen and Rion’s family and friends to celebrate their love for each other.

Despite the unfamiliarity with Cambodian ceremony traditions, Rion was surely astounding, putting his whole heart and being into the celebrations out of respect for family and his undying love for Eileen. Later on during the wedding, Rion would don a kilt for the ceremony and reception. Even with vastly different cultures and upbringings there are absolutely no boundaries for the love that they share for one another.

Throughout their wedding day it never seized to amaze us how caring these two beautiful souls are. They would constantly check up on us to see how we were doing. Due to Eileen and Rion’s incredible caring nature, our hearts have been overwhelmed with warmth.

Eileen and Rion, thank you for making the enormous effort to travel all the way from Darwin to Melbourne and granting us with an opportunity to meet two amazing people who wholeheartedly accept each other for who they are. We wish you all the best.

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