Love can be found in any place at anytime. A notion that can apply very easily to Alison and Jason. Both originally from Melbourne they left their lives in Melbourne behind moving to Singapore, pursuing advancement in their respective careers. While steadily climbing the ladder in their occupations, Alison and Jason would receive the best bonus of their lifetime. They met working for the same company, and eventually began spending time together outside of work hours. As time passed by Jason would ask Alison for a promotion by proposing to give him her hand in marriage. She humbly accepted officially becoming Jason’s boss, which brings us to their wedding day.

The beautiful couple’s loved ones would show endless support for the celebration of their love throughout the whole day. The tea ceremony was a time of sharing tears, laughter, joy and a great time for the families to get together, a genuine reflection of the type of family Alison and Jason will have in the future.

The ceremony and reception décor was stunningly composed by Short and Spook. Everyone who saw the décor became super excited and eagerly waited for Alison and Jason to proclaim their love for one another. Astonished by the beautiful bride walking down the aisle, a wave of smiles had filled up the venue. Jason couldn’t hold back his tears throughout the ceremony, ecstatic that his life partner will always be by his side.

Alison and Jason, for us are an unforgettable couple not only because of the way they look at each other, how they hold hands or the way they kiss. Rather the sustenance of Alison and Jason’s love is evident in the way their loved ones openly express their appreciation and joy for their love, overwhelmingly happy to see their wedding day finally come to fruition.

Alison and Jason, thank you for reminding us that the best things in life are free. Your wedding video will hopefully remind everyone too.

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