In life we are all presented with countless opportunities that may diverge us from the path we are currently travelling. Usually these occasions and the choices involved with them require a certain degree of sacrifice.

For Xiao Jie and Alistair their love story is one that has travelled across this vast globe in which we live. They have undoubtedly met forks in the road along their way, endured their fair share of bumps and bruises and yet they continue to make sacrifice after sacrifice to be with one another.

Xiao Jie and Alistair have given up job opportunities, moved from country to country so that they may remain side by side throughout their walks of life. The both of them are incredibly humble, kind and generous. They truly appreciate those around them. Their wedding gifts featured cute badges of guide dogs with the donations made to Guide Dogs Victoria. There was also hand made paper cranes given to each guest.

The wedding of Xiao Jie and Alistair reminded us what it means to be good people. We are extremely fortunate to have met such wonderful loving souls and it’s undeniable that whichever part of the world they are in next the both of them will be there together.

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