When we met Vanessa and Richard we quickly realised that they are a couple that is madly in love and absolutely have a blast being around one another. They are constantly cheerful and have remarkable chemistry. With Vanessa and Richard they are particularly aware of each other’s feelings and opinions. Spend a moment observing some of the interactions between Vanessa and Richard it isn’t very hard to tell that their formula of love is something we should all aspire to find.

On the wedding day we began to comprehend the amazing impact that Vanessa and Richard’s love has on those around them. From early in the morning and all the way through the night, those dear to Vanessa and Richard couldn’t contain their excitement. It was a wedding full of laughs, people taking photos, and guests spending some time with the lovely couple on their special day.

We are entirely sure that the couple will definitely be able to face all the challenges that come their way. Richard will try his hardest to make things work with Vanessa, which was evident when he was rehearsing his dance moves with his crew prior to the evening events. During the performance, the sparkle in Vanessa’s eyes told us that she would always find happiness with her man by her side.

Vanessa and Richard are gentle, caring and kind. Their down to earth nature is soothing to the soul. Being around the lovely couple will definitely bring a smile to your face. It was such a pleasure to be a part of Vanessa and Richard’s special day and we would like to show our gratitude with your wedding highlight.

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