People will marry the one person that they can’t live without. Not being around that special person can lead to an enormous yearning for that person’s love. To not have their better half by their side, life is just not the same.

With Le and Alex, they are kindred spirits. Destined to be together. When they are together you can instantly feel the strength of their bond. What Le and Alex have is a union of love that is completely unbreakable.

The wedding day of Alex and Le was a pure, untainted embodiment of what love is and how it inspires and moves people who are surrounded by it. Their love arouses nothing but positive emotions in all those around them. Throughout the day we constantly felt pride and joy from their family and friends. There were tears, laughter, smiles and it was all due to the couple’s utter devotion to one another.

When we see Le and Alex together it’s absolutely uplifting. Le is a sweet, beautiful and kind human being. Alex is no slouch either. A handsome and intelligent man who definitely made a smart choice to wed Le. Side by side the love that they share totally oozes from them. That’s why everybody is happy to see them together. It’s actually unfathomable for the rest of us to imagine Le and Alex ever being apart. They are made for one another.

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Wedding Suppliers Melbourne:
Wedding Videographer / Wedding Videography: Grandeur Films
Photographer: Will Chao Photography

Music licensed by The Music Bed.

Grandeur Films – International, award-winning wedding video filmmakers based in Melbourne, AustraliaWedding videographers specialising in love stories and Same Day Edit videos.

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