The wedding day of Julie and Dung was a celebration of love that shines brighter than a starry night, an event that we still marvel at to this day.

In the morning family and friends gathered to witness Dung play door games to enter even though he already had the keys to Julie’s heart. A traditional tea ceremony to hearth the unification of two wonderful souls that even cupid could sit back and enjoy.

Action speaks louder than words. Throughout the day, Dung’s actions afforded us with a glimpse of his love for Julie by relentlessly making sure she was fine every step of the way. And why wouldn’t he with a stunning bride such as Julie. She graces all with her beautiful smile and down to Earth nature that really made us appreciate how lucky we are to have met her and her man.

As the night was coming to an end our hearts were troubled as we only wished we could continue to sail with them on their voyage of love. At the very least we have their video to share that reminds of their remarkable love story every time.

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