We can certainly feel the sun shining through, the rush of the wind, and hear the sound of the falling leaves. It wasn’t too long ago when Ayda and Matt stole our hearts during their wedding a few weeks back.

Today, we’re sharing with you their story.

Their wedding was breathtaking as imagined, and more. Matt was dapper as he could be and Ayda radiated with her stunning beauty.

The beautiful overflow of details were just amazing, and topped off with beautiful messages and well wishes from loved ones. It was destined to be a beautiful wedding beyond words, rain, hail or shine. They certainly made us feel we were in the presence of great artistry.

And just as the evening greeted us, we found ourselves in awe with Ayda and Matt.

They danced the night away, serenaded by beautiful and talented musicians – great symphonies of whistles and bellows leaping quietly from the not-so-distant horizon. They paced through the melody of the song, in sync as rain in the wind – In that very moment, they were one.

“Perhaps true happiness in love is to be under no illusion that the universe cares for its existence one way or another, yet despite this truth we continue, we exist on, eyes toward the horizon, hand in hand, hearts beating on, together.” – Beau Taplin

Their wedding was nothing short of breathtaking.
And we’ve prepared a beautiful film for everyone to see.

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Wedding Suppliers Melbourne:
Wedding Videographer / Wedding VideographyGrandeur Films
Wedding Photographer / Wedding Photography: Jessica Abby
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Meadowbank

Music Licensed by The Music Bed.

Grandeur Films – International, award-winning wedding video filmmakers based in Melbourne, AustraliaWedding videographers specialising in love stories and Same Day Edit videos.

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