Who is ever prepared for love? No one could actually explain this can’t breathe, weak in the knees, butterflies in the stomach magical feeling. But Anna & Freedy’s story reveals how it can happen in an instance, wherever you may be.

Their story is a real life testimony of true love and the power of God. True love, as they say, comes when you least expect it. And how much more magical can it be when you meet your one true love within the house of God? At the perfect moment, at the perfect place.

God indeed answers prayers.

On their wedding day, Anna and Freedy walked the majestic grounds of Montsalvat hand-in-hand. With perfect weather, friends, family and love in the air they said their vows, we felt love reverberate through the historic halls of the castle. The entire wedding was as wondrous as the love they share for each other. Beyond all else, it was enchanting to see two amazing people fall a little more in love with each scene and each shared moment we film.

I’m sure you can tell from our wedding videos that we love to travel, traveling is what invigorates our passion and pushes our filmmaking skills. We are also blessed to meet and work with so many great people along the way. Telling your stories is what we love to do and we are overwhelmed with the joy all of you have brought to our lives. We are so lucky to be able to tell these love stories. Capturing true love through film and weaving your story into a wedding video you will cherish forever.

Anna and Freedy, It was an honour seeing your love flourish even stronger on your wedding day. You’re two of the nicest souls and you are perfect for each other.

To everyone, please share a tear with us, as their story… unfolds.

Wedding Suppliers Melbourne:
Wedding Videographer
/ Wedding Videography: Grandeur Films
Wedding Photographer / Wedding PhotographyDanTay Photography
Wedding Cake ArtistMeilina Thambrin
Wedding Ceremony Venue: Montsalvat
Wedding Reception Venue: Montsalvat
Wedding Catering Services: Montsalvat

Music Licensed by The Music Bed. The eclectic and majestic voice of the one and only Marie Hines – Love Stung.

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