The season of spring is a time of vibrant colours, blossoming flowers and of course hay fever. Apparently, Kevin was suffering from hay fever on their wedding day as well as other allergies from dust and cats for that matter. As the “dust” settled and he watched his beautiful bride Jaclyn walk down the aisle it was obvious that no allergy remedy could prevent his teary eyes and sniffles.

Surrounded by vast greenery, Jaclyn and Kevin embellished all those present physically and in spirit with their endearing personalities. And without a hint of hesitation, they declared their total love for one another.

At various moments throughout the day it would seem that both Jaclyn and Kevin were struck by “allergies”. We believe that they weren’t suffering from the former but rather symptoms of the idea of being apart, something that only the two of them have the cure for.

After spending such a short amount of time with this wonderful couple we learned how amazing they are. Jaclyn is a sight to behold and her sweetness is soothing to the soul and Kevin’s kindness will knock you off your feet. It is so compelling how two wonderful souls are fundamentally destined to be together for all eternity.

We would like to thank the both of you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to capture the beginning of your amazing ride together.

Please have a box of tissues handy while watching Jaclyn and Kevin’s wedding video, we’ve already used up our supply.

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